What are the top 5 Types of wigs which are common and usually worn?


If in the past, wigs only served to disguise your bald heads, nowadays these accessories have become items that can be used to enhance everyone’s look. And because of that, the wig industry started to diversify its products more, producing wigs with more realistic appearance to give more naturalness to the look. Let’s get to know some of these best types of wigs for you to use: Check it out:

Lace wigs

The most modern wig model that has appeared on the market, Lace Wigs have gradually become the most common type of wig with natural hairs used by women in recent years, especially because of their simplicity of use. It is considered among the best types of wigs because of the use of “laces”, which are the screens that are placed on the hair strands that mimic the scalp.

It may not seem like it, but the synthetic threads, which form the hair of lace wigs, are the ones that guarantee much more affordable prices for their products. Because of this, lace wigs are considered the main wigs that can be easy to consume, especially for their price-effectiveness.

Lace Wigs can be Divided into Two Types: the Full Lace and the Lace Front

The most popular and modern version of all, it can even be used to make buns and ponytails. The threads at the top are individual, pulled through the fabric of the cap and the effect is incredible. Full lace is wigs that have a screen in different parts of the wig head, which helps to better locate the position of the wig.

The lace front, in turn, is the wigs where the screens are located right in front of the head. On the rest of the head, there is a very firm type of cap, which helps to secure the wig in the hair so that it does not fall off your head. Some of them may have clips that help secure the wig to the head. It has a fine lace mesh on the front of the hair, allowing for better handling. This front part is normally glued to the forehead making the transition to the skin smoother and less noticeable.


Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are cheaper than natural hair ones. They can be produced with different materials, being the best types of wigs for those who are looking for something much cheaper and that can also give more beauty to their appearance, synthetic hair wigs are the most suitable for this purpose.

However, these wigs have several disadvantages – one of them is the fact that they cannot be customized to your needs, for example, to flat iron the synthetic wig hair, because depending on the material they were made, the Heat from the appliance can permanently damage the strands of your wig, even melting if the material is not of good quality. In addition, cuts to adapt the appearance to your taste are impossible to be made.

Natural Hair Wigs

Finally, there are the natural hair wigs, which are more expensive, but the ones that give the best look to those who want a more natural look to their face even if you style it with water wave wig, it won’t give you a synthetic look. The natural hair with water wave style look damn hot and you don’t have to spend hours in styling your hair to get that water wave look.

Natural human hair wigs have a superior quality to synthetic ones, so they tend to be more expensive. It is necessary to pay attention to the process of building the wigs, because when they are poorly finished, the effect is not natural on the head. It lasts for approximately 5 years.

Hair strands come from all over the world. The better the quality of the hair strands, the higher the price you are paying. But you must remember to always see which hair type suits your face best before purchasing your wig.

Did you like to know a little more about the best types of wigs? You can also, if you prefer, resort to hair makeup. Leave your comment below and see you soon!


Machine-Made Wigs

Machine-made wigs are usually synthetic. Anyway, natural or not, the hair is sewn into the cap in one direction only, and this makes the effect not so natural. But if this process is done with the natural human hair with a circular lace around the head, it is called the 360 lace wig. The machine-made wig cap is stitched with 100 percent human hair.



Wig with Monofilament

Monofilament wigs are the ones that have mesh made with materials like nylon, which are useful for those who have allergies to certain types of materials that can be easily found in wig fabrics. They are the best types of wigs for those who have lost much of their hair without having to pay too much too, as like lace wigs, they are made from materials that do not offer skin allergies. Because of this, they are the best types of wigs for people with skin allergies as well as those with very sensitive skin.

The benefit you get from wearing this type of wig is the look you get when you wear it – your hair won’t look like it’s hidden in one part of your body; they seem to be coming out of your scalp, which can make your hair look more natural and beautiful for anyone with baldness problems.

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